Meet our presenting and commentary team for 2018.

Meet the BMXLiveTV commentary and presenting team. Feel free to tweet them if you have any questions you’d like asked to the riders, or to them directly, during World Cup events. You can also use @BMXLiveTV #BMXLiveTV.

Rich Eames (Commentary) @bmxcommentator ‏


Rich started in BMX in 1984 after getting a Raleigh Night Burner for Christmas. Luckily he lived a short ride from the legendary ‘Three Sisters’ BMX track in Wigan and grew up dreaming of being a BMX pro; racing in the UK for two decades.

One day he discovered he was better at talking about bikes rather than riding them. This realization led to him to start working in the UK as a BMX event commentator.

Rich has worked on the following events and was involved with the BMXLiveTV team during the World Cup events in Manchester.

UK National Series Commentator – 2000 to present

World Championships Commentator (stadium) – Birmingham 2012

Olympic Commentator (stadium) – London 2012

UEC European Cup Commentator – Manchester 2016

World Cup SX Manchester 2013-2016 – Stadium commentator x2, Event Presenter (stadium) x2.

Contributor to the ‘Rail The Berm’ BMX Podcast

Rich will start working with Dr. Jason Richardson as part of the commentary team in Saint Quentin en Yvelines, France.

Pete Dylewski (Presenter and journalist) @DoubleAPete


Pete began racing BMX at his local track aged 12. At an early age, he became interested and involved with sponsorship and marketing in the sport. He studied journalism at college and on completion moved to California and began working for GT Bicycles at the time, the biggest BMX company in the sport.

He began to work on the PR and media side and became a sports journalist for BMX Today and contributor to BMX Plus magazine.

Pete started up Double A Marketing; managing various BMX riders and teams and later on with some top companies in BMX to be a marketing consultant.

During this time, Pete became involved in the UCI World Cup Tour, and because of his great industry and rider connections, he was invited to use his journalist training and skills to assist the BMXLiveTV crew with organizing and carrying out rider interviews for the broadcast show produced for mainstream TV.

During the GSX years Pete was often roped into helping out with the live broadcast commentary for the development of the webcasting; starting in Randaberg, Sweden in 2012. Many times Pete was left on his own during a long broadcast.

Since BMXLiveTV was taken over by the production crew in 2017 Pete has continued to carry out the rider’s interviews for the TV broadcast and assist in the breaks between rounds with rider, and industry interviews for the ‘Pete in the Pits’ section of the webcast.

Pete is a strategic partner for BMX Racing Group, which includes Chase bicycles, and represents Tioga BMX as communication manager.

Pete will continue to use his journalist skills to interview the riders for the TV broadcast highlights show, distributed internationally by IMG Media, and carry out live rider’s interviews for ‘Pete in the Pits’.

Dr. Jason Richardson (Lead commentary) @RealDrJRich


Jason started his BMX career at the age of 5, following in the footsteps of his big brother, who was a Factory rider during the early 1980’s. Jason, however, was a late bloomer and started coming into his own almost a decade after he began racing. After a successful amateur career, Jason decided to turn pro early… just so he can say he “did it” before he entered university.

In his first year away at school he was faced with a choice – get a part-time job or get serious (again) about racing. Using the earnings from one race to get to the next, Jason found himself making big main events and earning a living as a professional. He graduated from university and bought a house in the same year. Jason raced BMX at the Elite level for 15 years, landing himself in several World Championship finals. He was in the Top 10 in World rankings for the better part of his career.

Always known to have an opinion, Jason was often asked by his peers to speak on their behalf and work with the sanctioning bodies of the sport. His continued education in business and psychology afforded him the ability to communicate and move through not only the athletic circles but the administrative and business aspects as well.

Now, Dr. Jason aka “Dr. J RICH” brings experience and education to work with Elite level athletes of all sports. He often speaks to corporations and teams on high-performance mindset. Many of the concepts and practices brought to the big companies outside of BMX came directly from competing at an Elite level inside of BMX! Jason’s passion and intimate knowledge of the sport and the athletes allow him to call the race action and add insight for the viewer who may not be born from BMX.

2018 will be Jason’s second year as lead commentator.

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