2012 – 2016: THE GSX YEARS

BMXLiveTV was created as a YouTube channel in 2012 at the Randaberg World Cup, in Norway, where test streams were held during the event.

It was always intended to be a channel where the fans of BMX would know to go for the live UCI BMX World Cup streams when they were available. Originally it was shown parallel to the satellite feed uplink to TV Stations who had paid license fees to show the events. Although a very necessary form of income to help pay for the production this rights payment meant that geoblocking was in force in some countries.

Unfortunately the satellite feed was never shown in its entirety on TV mainly due to the long breaks BMX racing has between rounds. What TV stations ended up predominantly doing was recording the feed and producing their own highlights show. This resulted in a delay to the broadcast being shown in various countries and disgruntlement with fans of BMX who already knew the result before the event was shown on their local TV.

A mainstream-friendly, high production value, half-hour highlight show package was also produced from each event to add to TV sales. As these shows were produced to create sales they were only shown by TV stations who bought the rights and were not available to stream.

All production costs during these years were covered by GSX Events in the hope of attracting big non-industry sponsors. Sadly this failed to materialist and GSX backers pulled the plug.


2016: UCI

In 2016 the BMX Supercross rights returned to the UCI and BMXLiveTV was given to the production crew by GSX.

The UCI tried to create a more TV friendly package for live TV broadcast, and hence avoided the delays previously experienced. This meant a one hour show was created which reduced the length of the breaks and resulted in only the Main Events being shown live with the earlier rounds shown on an ‘as live’. At this point geoblocking was also in effect in the countries where the rights had been sold.

This solution was also not ideal for BMX fans as the results from the ¼ and ½ finals were again known before they could watch the races.

Once again a half-hour highlight show was produced from each event.


2017 >: BMXLiveTV & IMG Media

In-depth discussions within the UCI resulted with them wanting a solution which would satisfy BMX fans but also provide a broadcast TV solution to appeal to mainstream media. BMXLiveTV and IMG Media proposed this solution which would provide the following and hopefully satisfy their needs.

  • Live non-geoblocked webstreams from the entire event to appeal to BMX fans. Produced as a webstream rather than with an outside broadcast TV truck.
  • A Mainstream-friendly half-hour TV show from each round for distribution for sales to TV stations produced one week after the event. With in-depth rider interviews and additional filming. Additionally there is a one-hour end of year roundup produced in November. We also agreed to produce rider profile shows when there are less than 8 total rounds (4 events). To provide a regular quantity of shows to TV stations.
  • Promotional edits for the tour and events.
  • News edits from each round uploaded via FTP within 1 ½ hours of the event finish for TV stations to use within their sports new broadcasts.

This solution provided a basic but good coverage of the event action which could be upgraded if required by the event organiser and interested TV stations to produce a live TV satellite feed (as it regularly provided in Santiago del Estero). The basic solution does not cover a replay machine due to budget limitations.

This funding of the current solution is a combination of IMG Media investing 2/3 of the production costs which they recoup from TV sales of the highlights show. The additional 1/3 is covered by our sponsors, making them a very important part of being able to bring the live action to the fans of BMX. The UCI also contribute one commentator and an additional cameraman on top.

BMXLiveTV also produces promotional edits, event clips, TV shows and features for riders and sponsors within the industry. Since the inauguration of BMX Freestyle into the Olympics the crew have been involved in the production of the BMX Freestyle World Championships, and have produced various sponsor clips.







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