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Connor Fields to attend Sarasota World Cup.

Rumour has it that Olympic Gold medalist U.S. rider Connor Fields will be helping out the BMXLive TV commentary and interview team in Sarasota, FL for the final Supercross World Cup round. Stay tuned for more info!


Results from Rio Olympics: BMX

Click here for full results from the BMX in Rio Olympic results

Official UCI BMX Photographer Is the official UCI BMX Supercross photographer. Check out his photo’s here BMX photos

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UCI BMX Supercross 2016 round 5

We’re getting excited for the last 2 rounds on the World Cup Tour 2016.

The 2016 UCI BMX Supercross World Cup finals will be held in Sarasota, Florida on October 8-9, 2016

The world’s fastest BMX’ers is coming to Sarasota, don’t miss out. follow us on:
Official website:
Twitter: @SRQ_BMX_SX

Lots of stats

Our master of stats Torsten Steinbach keeps the info from all the events and riders for you here Elite BMX stats

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